Training with a vision

S&T has been training apprentices for many years and also offers pupils and students the opportunity to do an internship or compulsory internship. Hardly any other industry is as dynamic as the IT sector and few companies the size of S&T offer the opportunity to be so close to the action.  

The training and corporate structures at S&T promote independence, entrepreneurial thinking and action, dedication and awareness of problems. In addition, there is the opportunity to get to know processes from the ground up and, depending on the area of expertise, to acquire detailed experience in dealing with ERP systems, IT technology and customers.

S&T apprentice training

Apprentice training at S&T aims to train qualified specialists at a high level within the company. In many cases, the best and most capable employees are taken on as permanent employees after their training period has ended. 

S&T currently offers apprenticeships in the following professions: 

  • Office clerk (3 years) 
  • IT purchasing agent (3 years) 
  • IT technician - systems engineering (4 years) 

S&T expressly supports the completion of an apprenticeship in combination with a high school diploma. So many people have to work so hard in evening school to pass their high school diploma at the end of their apprenticeship - so it is better to do it now.  

Interesting from the start...

As an apprentice at S&T, you will be given the opportunity - depending on your training progress and personality - to actively participate in day-to-day business with as much personal responsibility as possible after just a short training period.  

Integrated into a cool team, you are just as welcome as any other colleague to contribute your opinions and ideas, take part in training courses and seminars and get things done in the sometimes hectic daily business. 

During your training you will also have the opportunity to try out working in other departments.

Vocational school 

During your training period at S&T you will attend a vocational school to provide theoretical support for the knowledge you have acquired. Depending on where you train, you will complete your vocational course either in modules or at the end of each year. At the end of your training you will take the final apprenticeship examination. And we've saved the best to last: You get bonuses for good marks!

Don't worry about the interview!

Don't be afraid of coming to your interview, even if it's the first one. Since in most cases apprentices do not have any lengthy professional experience, we simply want to talk to you and find out what you are interested in, what your hobbies are, which holiday job you might have already done, why you want to take up the apprenticeship you are interested in and whether you might have any special skills. We should start with a polite greeting and shake hands at the beginning of the conversation - and of course you are welcome to ask questions on topics you are interested in. 

Application process

After the first interview, you will find out fairly soon whether you will be invited to another round, which usually includes a short test (English, mathematics, general knowledge) to better assess your skills and strengths. In addition, S&T offers successful candidates the opportunity to take part in a trial day.

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